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Photos are inspiring treasured memories! Don’t keep them hidden away in an dusty album on the shelf. Use photo mounting corners to create beautiful keepsake photo boxes that are just as special as the images they contain.



Photo Corners
Watercolor Paper
Millinery Flowers
Glue stick

Shabby Chic Wedding Photo Box

I drew my inspiration from the faded look of the sepia-toned wedding photograph. I found a box that had seen better days, but seemed to match the distressing on the image. Then I sorted through my collection of lace, paper, and findings until I found pieces that would compliment the theme.
Layering is the key. I first glued the photo negative down. Then I placed the letter I cut from some scrapbooking paper. Next, I put photo corners on the main image, and applied them to the box by licking them like a stamp and pressing them down.
I glued the lace to the inside of the lid, on the top and the bottom. Elmer’s glue was perfect for attaching the vintage paper flowers. A few stickers added the final touch.

Glitter Baby Photo Box

For this photo box, instead of storing loose photos inside, I mounted each one to a piece of hand-torn watercolor paper. Tear along the edge of the paper in tiny increments, to create a beautiful organic edge.
The glitter photo corners are stickers, and I attached them one at a time. Place the first corner on the photograph, and then set it in place. Then add the remaining corners one at a time.
To finish the piece, use the corners to add a photo to the top of the box.

Cute Cat Photo Box

It couldn’t be simpler to make a fast and easy gift. I used the satin ribbon corners to mount the kitty’s portrait to a metal tin. Then added a cute kitty sticker to match!

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  1. Jake Spurlock on said:

    Love this photo project.

  2. Great project! I realy love it and will make smth like that :)) Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. This project is wonderful! Great for gifts & around the home. :) Thank you for the inspiration. Now to find some neat boxes & tins..

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