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banner design photography How To: Film Negative Necklace
craftzine negative necklace 08 How To: Film Negative Necklace
When I was going through my photos last week, I found a stash of old negatives. I’ve saved them out of habit, but I can’t imagine ever needing them for prints again. Yet, they still seem precious to me.
craftzine negative necklace 06 How To: Film Negative Necklace
Instead of keeping them stashed away, I decided to put them to crafty use. One of the strips made it onto a photo box, and I used another to create this pretty little necklace. The perforated edges of the film lend themselves perfectly to jewelry making. I paired my film “beads” with some faux-brass findings and amber. Now I can say that my photos of the Grand Tetons match my hair!

craftzine negative necklace 01 How To: Film Negative Necklace


Film negatives
Jump rings
Needle-nosed pliers
Jewelry wires

craftzine negative necklace 02 How To: Film Negative Necklace
Step 1: Cut the strips of negatives into individual frames.
craftzine negative necklace 04 How To: Film Negative Necklace
Step 2: Link the frames together with jump rings. Use the pliers to twist the jump rings open, slip on the frames, then twist the rings closed.
craftzine negative necklace 05 How To: Film Negative Necklace
Step 3: Add beads to the necklace. Attach a length of wire to the outer edge of the negative, and then thread a stack of beads onto it. Use the pliers to bend the end of the wire into a loop.
craftzine negative necklace 09 How To: Film Negative Necklace
Step 4: Attach 7″ of chain to each side of the necklace. Then use jump rings to connect the clasps to the chain.

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