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main cufflink pouch How To: Travel Cuff Link Pouch
I always like to make small bags for my jewelry when traveling, so I made this pouch out of some fabric scraps for my boyfriend to use for his cuff links when he’s on the road.

cufflink supplies How To: Travel Cuff Link Pouch
I used a piece of home decor canvas I found as a remnant. Press your fabric you’re going to work with and then cut to your desired size. You’re essentially making an envelope that you might make for a pillow cover, so depending on how big the cuff links are or if you’d like to store several in one pouch, you can size it to your liking.
cufflink sewing2 How To: Travel Cuff Link Pouch
Hem each end of the fabric. After that, make an envelope with the fabric so that the wrong sides are out, with the top flap almost reaching the bottom of the envelope. This will help keep the jewelry from falling out. I sewed around the outside of the envelope with about a quarter-inch seam. When you’re done, trim off any excess fabric and round the corners. Turn the pouch inside out and press once again.
main cufflink pouch How To: Travel Cuff Link Pouch
To finish it off, I sewed a vintage button and piece of ribbon to each end. Once the cuff links are inside, fold the pouch in half and tie the ribbon shut. Throw that sucker in your suitcase and hit the road.
cufflink finished How To: Travel Cuff Link Pouch

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