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I am all about quick and dirty craft projects. I hate measuring. I hate pinning. I just want to get right to the sewing! If you are like me, you will find this simple Upcycled Beach Towel to be very satisfying. I dug out an old threadbare towel, and found a cute fabric belt at the thrift store for $1.00. In less than 20 minutes the bag was cut, sewn, and good to go!
craftzine towel bag 08 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag

craftzine towel bag 01 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag


Old towel
Scrap fabric for handles
Sewing machine


craftzine towel bag 03 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag
Step 1: Cut an old towel into quarters. Remove any trim from the edges.
Step 2: With the sewing machine set to the zig-zag stitch, sew along the short edges of the towel, to keep the fabric from unraveling.
craftzine towel bag 05 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag
craftzine towel bag 07 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag
Step 3: Cut 2 handles from the scrap fabric, and determine their placement along the edge of the towel. Sew the ends of the handle down with 2 rows of zig-zag. Attach the second handle to the other end of the towel in the same way.
craftzine towel bag 04 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag
Step 4: Fold the towel in half, with the handles facing in. Seam the edges shut with the trusty zig-zag.
craftzine towel bag 10 How To: Upcycled Beach Bag
Step 5: Turn the bag right side out. Toss in your favorite beers, whatever Pynchon novel you happen to be reading at the moment, and head to the beach!

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