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Summer may be over, but don’t put those hula hoops away just yet. Bring ‘em on inside and weave a hula hoop rug with Disney Family Fun! All you’ll need is a hula hoop, about a dozen old t-shirts, and an open afternoon to make your own unique upcycled rug. Click through the link to see complete step-by-step instructions.
[Via One Pretty Thing]

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses



  1. Francesca says:

    Thanks! Definitely going to try this soon!

  2. TINA M STARKS says:

    could you please me the pattern I would like to make some with the children Thankyou

  3. To see the full tutorial, click through the link in the post. If you’re having trouble clicking, here’s the URL: