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With cooler months on the way, you may be thinking about staying nice and cozy. Well don’t forget about your beer! Melissa Martensen’s beer sweater cozy (linked on Lime & Violet) will help insulate your drink from the elements and looks crazy cute at the same time.

3 Responses to HOW TO – Knitted Beer Sweaters

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  1. stephanie on said:

    Confused about the beer sweater. You used set of #3 double-pointed needles. Or, should one use a round needle to knit in the round. When you say CO 16st and distribute over needles, I am a little confused. Can you explain, please?

  2. stephanie on said:

    Question: Do you have a pattern for a simple crochet bun cover for dance students?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I’m not the author of the pattern but here’s my thought – you have to use double-pointed needles, not the circular needles because the project is so small it won’t comfortably fit around the circular ones. so when she says distribute over needles, she means use 3-4 needles and have 5 on each (with one with 6) or 4 on each (depending on how many needles you use).

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