• Lilorfnannie

    I got free apples this year, all I can pick. In the past seven days or so I canned at least three or four dozen quarts of applesauce, and I have that much more to go. Then I will go pick the second round and start all over again. Oh my goodness, I think I know how to make applesauce. Why so much? Did you look at the stock market lately? I knew this was coming.
    Gourmet version: two kinds of apples; pie apples (cooks up firm) and applesauce apples (cooks up soft.) Quarter and cook up the applesauce apples with a little water. Cook them until they are soft, put them through a food mill, return to the pot. Meanwhile, peel, core, and roughly dice up the pie apples into cubes about the size of a nickel. Add them to the applesauce that has already been through the food mill. Add grade B maple syrup, cinnamon, cloves, allspice (or “apple pie seasoning” instead of the last three.) Cook until the pie apples are cooked through and softened but not completely mush. Put into sterilized quart jars, seal, boil in hot water bath 10 minutes (sea level.)

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