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4 Responses to HOW TO – Make a Holiday Paper Village For Your Mantle

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  1. MantEL. Mantle is like a cloak or something. Mantel is over the fireplace.
    (this has been Spelling Minute, brought to you by Nerds Across America)

  2. Rachel Hobson on said:

    Hi Jenne!
    That’s interesting – I never realized the differentiation there. I looked over on, and it shows that mantel (as in fireplace) can be shown either as mantel or mantle, though it does appear that -el is the preferred spelling.
    Thanks for the heads up! I think I’ll leave it as-is for now, since it reflects the same spelling as the artist’s web site, but I appreciate your Spelling Minute …. can I get in on the Nerds Across America membership? :)

  3. Anyone can join–all you have to do is bug people with unsolicited corrections. FUN & EASY! :)

  4. ang almond on said:

    Either spelling is acceptable in the UK – the word is old english and the place by the fire where you hung your cloaks [mantels or mantles] – so they could dry out -was called the mantlepiece.
    In England, we usually use the longer name- its you folk in the us who have shortened it to mantle/mantel!!
    Happy Christmas from a nerdy brit!!

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