Door Finished
Jessica at How About Orange experiments with making starched fabric decals, a great way to make decals that are easy to peel off without harming paint. I love the design she created around the peephole on her door!

  • Coffee Pot People

    Wow, did this ever bring back memories. I used fabric to “wallpaper” a wall, years ago. It let me decorate a rental in a less bland way, but was easy to take down later. AND I got to keep the fabric and reuse it!
    Hmmm. I own my home now, but this is looking like a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Aaron Scott

    This is a great idea to use fabric as decal and insert on with a home-made starch. When you are ready you can pull off the decal, wash off any start dregs and you are back to blah. Great for decorating rental apartments.

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