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How To: Make Over an Old Bike
krylon cruiser main How To: Make Over an Old Bike
My friend had a classic beach bike that she rode around town every day for years. It is a good bike with great style, but when she came back from college, it went to pasture in the yard. The hibiscus decals that were once fun were now faded, and a perfectly good ride sat collecting weeds.
In one weekend we completely transformed her dull and faded beach cruiser into a shiny bike fit for a ride in the Milky Way. I used Krylon spray paint with an anodized finish to give it a gleaming green to blue fade. The Krylon X-Metal effect is achieved by starting with the X-Metal Converter. It lays down a very sparkly base coat. The X-Metal colors themselves are a sheer over-layer and together, they have an out-of-this-world effect.
And of course, her white walls were just begging for a coat of glow-in-the-dark paint. The Glowz Brush-On Paint shines brightly in the dark when its been exposed to light. Dramatic silver streamers were the final touch to make over this bike from beach cruiser to space cruiser!
krylon bike beforeafter How To: Make Over an Old Bike


2 cans Krylon X-Metals Basecoat Converter
2 cans Krylon X-Metals Green
2 cans Krylon X-Metals Blue
1 can Krylon Glowz
Paint brush
Painter’s tape
Plastic bags
Small container with oil
Razor blade
Paper towels
Mylar ribbon

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