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  • Julie

    That is so disgusting. Eating meat is one thing, but messing around with it in this way, is wrong. We put so much energy in breeding animals for consumption when we could be using that energy for products that can feed a lot more people for the same amount of energy. And did you know livestock-farming is responsible for 18% of the total emission of greenhouse gasses? So I hope you understand why I find it disgusting that this people make a princess crown out of meat! I wish they would show more respect for food, because people on the other side of the world (or even around the corner of your street) are starving and that meat is hurting our environment so tremendously.

  • herhimnbryn

    This is horrible. Dead pig flesh …..on your head?

  • libby

    That’s gross and disgusting. I used to like The Anticraft, but I’ve found this ‘craft’ -whatever…- so distasteful I don’t think I will ever visit their page again.
    Definitely not as funny as you suggest.

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