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CRAFT: Bloom
brookelynnsmaples12 I Heart Japanese Maples
I have always treasured Japanese Maples. Long ago I decided that Acer Palmatum were precious and began to covet them, and since then, my feelings have only grown stronger. I live in the redwood forest, where the trees are all evergreens. One reason I’m so attracted to the Japanese Maples is because they are one of the few trees in my garden that change with the season.
brookelynnsmaples5 I Heart Japanese Maples
The new growth on my cultivars begins red, then ripens into green. And then in the fall they explode with red, coral and orange colors. I don’t even mind when they drop their leaves, because their branches and bark are so pretty. I have collected 4 and would like to introduce you.

brookelynnsmaples9 I Heart Japanese Maples
brookelynnsmaples6 2 I Heart Japanese Maples
brookelynnsmaples7 I Heart Japanese Maples
I think this tree has the most interesting structure. Because it is in a container, it’s much easier to manipulate it’s shape. I have kept parts of the root system exposed, and I love how they have grown. The pot is small, and therefore the tree stays small. The ferns growing with it are a perfect compliment.
brookelynnsmaples14 I Heart Japanese Maples
This maple is my largest, and stands about 10 feet tall. I love the way the canopy glows in the sun. My plan is to prune her back a bit and then root the branches into new trees.
brookelynnsmaples6 I Heart Japanese Maples
brookelynnsmaples10 I Heart Japanese Maples
Japanese Maples don’t have to be in tiny containers. This tree is in a massive plastic pot, and is doing really well. The pot is on a giant tree stump right next to my outdoor shower. I love the open structure of the branches and the vibrant green bark.
brookelynnsmaples1 I Heart Japanese Maples
The fourth maple is dwarfed by the redwoods in the garden, but still gets enough sun to thrive.

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