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arlo shrinkydink1 Get Immortalized in Shrinky Dinks for Charity arlo red balloon Get Immortalized in Shrinky Dinks for Charity

Former CRAFTZINE and MAKEZINE blogger Michelle Kempner recently offered an irresistible deal to anyone who sponsors her in an upcoming run benefiting AIDS research: get yourself Shrinky-Dinked!
You can probably tell a couple of things from the images above:

  1. I didn’t choose myself to be immortalized in Shrinky Dink (that’s my 8-year-old son, Arlo)
  2. Michelle makes amazing Shrinky Dinks!

We at CRAFT love the idea of offering up handmade, crafty incentives for donating to charity. Anyone else out there ever done something similar, or heard of someone so selflessly taking the time to handcraft a reward for your monetary contribution? Let us know about it in the Comments!
Michelle’s T2EA Donation Page


Sometimes helpful editor and digital media director at MAKE and CRAFT.

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