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parrot head island fascinator It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Parrot Head Fascinator
Mary P. (Nebraska) made a fascinator for her mom and posted about it on her blog, Pretty Good Things. Her mom loves Jimmy Buffett, and she concocted this glittery desert island awesomeness for her to wear to the next Jimmy Buffett concert.
Note: You learn something new every day: Parrot head is a commonly used nickname for a Jimmy Buffett fan.
She explains the thought process behind her creation:

I wanted this little guy to be a bit more demure (who doesn’t like miniature?) yet still have some fun with kitsch, loads of glitter (who doesn’t like a little glitz?) and generally, just keep it toned-down in size. The size thing is an issue of both comfort (foam, acrylic, or polyester based headgear just doesn’t breathe, I don’t care what you say) and consideration (no one wants that dude in front of them at a concert…everyone likes to see what is in front of them…right?) This fascinator is comfortable AND nice! how about that?

Ha! If someone were wearing that in front of me at a concert it would really be awesome.

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