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In the Kitchen
kitchen101 essentials main Kitchen 101: Essentials
By Katie Goodman
When Natalie posted a survey on the CRAFT Facebook page about what types of food articles CRAFT readers would like to see, several of you mentioned that you’d like to know what the kitchen essentials are — what tools, pots and pans, gadgets, etc. are considered absolutely necessary.
I can’t say what would be best for every kitchen because different folks have different cooking styles, kitchen sizes, and needs, but I can tell you what I consider my kitchen essentials, the very bare bones of what I use most regularly and could not part with if I suddenly had to downsize. I’d still be able to make most everything that I regularly cook with just these items. For a visual, I’ve tried to show you what that looks like above, minus a couple of things that I just couldn’t cram in that picture! Of course, I didn’t mention the obvious things like plates, cups, or silverware.
These “Kitchen Essentials” are a great place to start if you have just begun purchasing for your kitchen. If you are a little more advanced and have space, you may enjoy the nonessentials and extras categories I’ve added at the end.
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