Our friends at Lion Brand Yarn point us to this awesome pattern, designed by Andrea Rangel, to create the sweater worn by The Dude in The Big Lebowski. The original sweater, made by Oregon’s Pendleton Woolen Mills, is being auctioned off this weekend in Beverly Hills. Just be careful not to spill your white Russian on the yarn while you work, ok?

  • Martha Ann

    Wheredo you get the pattern for the “DUDE” sweater?

  • Christine Feery

    I am also looking for this pattern. Can you assist?

  • empressonclinton

    Those of you looking for this pattern – there is a link to the pattern right in the article above.

    • http://Bedarian Brenda

      The link does not work. Still looking for the pattern.

  • Annie is closed…where can i find this pattern?

  • Amy