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How many of you love your state? I’m guessing quite a few. I’m obviously in love with Michigan, so when I saw this laser-cut acrylic wall clock from Alicia Kravitz of Dulcet Design, I knew I had a great Christmas gift on my hands. A trained architect, Alicia’s designs in acrylic range from jewelry to home decor. Check out her shop if you’re looking for a state-themed gift to give this holiday season.

3 Responses to Laser-Cut State Wall Clocks

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  1. isbmlamloi on said:

    Where is the Upper Peninsula?! This clock leaves out 30% of the state without it!

  2. Thanks for the love! Due to technical difficulties, the UP had a hard time staying balanced. Send me a message, I am working through some technical kinks ;)

  3. I hope you get it figured out because without the UP the mitten has nothing to molest!

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