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  1. Brookelynn says:

    these are SO hot!

  2. says:

    It’s like something out of Blade Runner. Tres cool.

  3. says:

    They would be great for a cyberpunk samurai costume I’m making. Where can I find LEDs that could be used for this project? The ones I own have really long wires, and I’m wondering if there is another kind that could be connected from the sides, and are somewhat flat?

  4. stitchitter says:

    i must make these for burning man next year. can you commission the artist? or just beg for more details?

  5. jennifer says:

    where can i find these?

  6. JBantha says:

    Did you made them? I would like to know how, since I’ve figured out how to use this for a cosplay of a guy with a TV as head. :9

  7. Joseph Rich guy says:

    These are tacky and horrible ,and they caused my cousin vision to go bad.