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photobooth with props.jpg
Oh Happy Day provides an awesome photobooth prop DIY project for us, complete with a free printable. These are perfect for your party and the photobooth you DIYed just for the occasion. Your guests can take them home as a party favor, or keep them for your next shindig. The Princess Beatrice hat is especially hilarious!
photobooth props downloadable.jpg.jpg

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru



  1. Elizabeth Anne says:

    Except for the feather headband. Really, really not cool. Don’t mar such a great idea with appropriation!

  2. criminalcrafts says:

    Way to rock the princess Beatrice hat, LOVE IT!

  3. amy dame says:

    totally echoing Elizabeth Anne – i love the idea, but the feather headband made me cringe. really?

  4. Meg Allan Cole says:

    I can see that. I was too distracted by the Princess Beatrice hat to have that gut reaction the first time seeing this, but I feel you. thanks for weighing in!
    I love the monocle:)

  5. Amber says:

    Thank you for this!!! They are so cute!
    Nothing wrong with the feather headband. I’m friends with many Natives, they don’t mind it.

  6. epa says:

    THANK YOU!!!