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mf profile tugboat printshop 1 Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile: Tugboat Printshop
make faire ny logo Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile: Tugboat PrintshopWorld Maker Faire New York is this weekend, and we’ve put together a full schedule for of awesome demos for both days at the CRAFT booth. Each day this week, we’ll profile one of the folks who will be presenting. Be sure to mark your schedule and head to the CRAFT booth for all the fun!
Presenter: Valerie and Paul of Tugboat Printshop
Project: Hand-Carved Stamps
Day/Time: Saturday at 5 PM
Tell us about what you’ll be demonstrating at the CRAFT booth at Maker Faire:
We’ll be doing a simple woodblock carving demo, and maybe some inking/printing if we have time.
mf profile tugboat printing 2 Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile: Tugboat Printshop
If you are also participating in the BUST Craftacular, tell us about what you’ll be showcasing there:
We make 100% original woodcuts 100% by hand. We have a pretty neat, shed-like print cart/mobile gallery that we built to display our work when we travel around–it all collapses and fits into our minivan!
How did you get started with crafting?
We’ve always been tinkerers and makers, the resurgence of interest in the handmade has made it easier for us to bring what we do to an interested public.
mf profile tugboat 3 Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile: Tugboat Printshop
What are your main sources of inspiration?
We look a lot at the modern world and the natural world. Ideas about sustainability and co-habitation are often themes of our work.
What new idea (in or outside of your field) has excited you most recently?
The conversation about renewable energy is something we think is very pertinent to our time and living in harmony with nature.
mf tugboat profile 4 Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile: Tugboat Printshop

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