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Wow! I absolutely love the mending job on these jeans by Sherri Lynn Wood from the daintytime blog. They’re such a great reminder that mending is beautiful, and that it doesn’t have to be just a boring old repair. I’d rather have these pants than a brand new pair any day! For a ton more mending ideas check out our Mending Archive here on Craft! (Via Whip Up



  1. Kelly Hogaboom says:

    Those are lovely! My 8 year old daughter recently shredded parts of a linen/rayon dress I’d just sewn up – she apologized then helped me in patching them by selecting the fabrics to mend them. I double-patched on both sides of the dress and free-motion stitched them down. Very fast and sloppy but it did the job and she loves it.

  2. I used to patch my boyfriend’s jeans just like this in the early 70s. Soon his friends were bringing me their jeans to patch, too! I also hand embroidered the hems of my own jeans. We never threw out a pair of jeans that fit. As Donovan sang about holes in jeans, “That only makes them nicer still.”

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