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nutella Nutella Roundup
As I’ve said before, I have a long-standing love affair with Nutella, that yummy processed hazelnut chocolate spread. Now that I’m a grown-up (really?), I must admit that Nutella straight out of the jar is a little terrifying from a nutritional standpoint so I was thrilled to stumble across this recipe for homemade chocolate hazelnut spread recently. (If you’re vegan, never fear, just check out this vegan nutella recipe.) We also have posted some amazing recipes involving Nutella here on Craft that got me thinking: what else can I make with it?
In my research, I discovered that I missed (MISSED!) World Nutella Day, which is February 5th. In fact, there is a World Nutella Day website, which has a daunting list of nutella recipes, from cocktails to cupcakes, gathered from enthusiastic food bloggers the world over. There’s a long list of homemade nutella recipes to boot. I highly recommend checking out their list, but here are a few of my favorites from there and the web at large.

These black sesame and nutella macarons make me want to cry. I love the idea of the nutty sesame seeds mixing with nutty nutella. (Meeta also includes some great tips for making macarons if you’re new to it.)

I love donuts but have never tried making them myself. I like that this ebelskiver doughnut recipe bakes donuts in an ebelskiver pan (and fills them with nutella) instead!

spicynutellatruffles Nutella Roundup
These spicy nutella truffles are blowing my mind (and probably my tongue, too).

nutellaicecream Nutella Roundup
I wondered how nutella would change the consistency of ice cream, but fortunately this nutella ice cream from Chocolate and Zucchini solves that problem for me!

 Nutella Roundup
The two-tone frosting on these gorgeous nutella cupcakes here on Craft really makes them look especially delicious.

nutella ricotta pancakes 41 Nutella Roundup
Nutella ricotta stuffed pancakes? Seriously? Be still my heart.

nutella meringue Nutella Roundup
This nutella meringue recipe might just give you a sugar high to last all week, but my mouth is watering already.

nutellaravioli Nutella Roundup
Nutella is decadent enough, but fried chocolate-hazelnut ravioli? Swoon!

glutenfreenutellabrownies Nutella Roundup
And here are some Gluten-Free Nutella Brownies (although I like the suggestion in one of the comments to substitute coconut oil for shortening).
Anything here pique your interest? What’s your favorite recipe or way to use Nutella?
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