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  • dia titanku

    how do you make it not a human??????

  • Crystal Clifford

    is there something like this for crochet?

    • Dannielle

      Amigurumi refers to crocheted plushies

      • Crystal Clifford

        Not always. I know that but many people still label ami or crochet generators as “knit”. Ami is how I taught myself to crochet and I would like to find and really extensive generator to help me learn how to write patterns. A woman I know knits her ami. Not crochet but still calls it ami because it’s the most commonly refered name

      • hazhydro

        I don’t know if you have looked lately, but this generates a knitting pattern not crochet. While “amigurumi” correctly refers to single crocheted plush figures, it is not always used correctly. I second Crystal’s question: is there something like this for crochet?

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