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According to the Lana Red Studio blog, you just need to get your hands on some temporary tattoo paper, which you can use with a standard laser printer, and you too can adorn yourself with some stunning body art. Read more »


If you haven't tried short rows--or if you've been feeling intimidated by patterns that include them--you'll definitely want to check out this handy short rows knitting tutorial! Read more »


Throw this DIY dress-up idea together in a few hours, but look like you've been planning for weeks with this charming windup doll Halloween costume! Read more »


The House That Lars Built features some fantastic costumes that you can definitely pull off last minute! Read more »


If you've still got your sewing machine and a few fabric scraps lying around, then it might be a good time to put together one of these rustic pumpkin tote bags. Read more »


Grab some paper and fold up a set of creepy cool vampire fang origami lips! Read more »


Get some Krang on your brain with this quick and easy DIY Krang hat from Instructables member ashleyjlong! Read more »

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