Sew Cute: Hula Hoop Tent Tutorial

Make a family-friendly DIY play tent that’s fit for a prince or princess with this cool hula hoop tent project! Give your little ones the gift of bright smiles and hours of playtime fun with this sweet hula hoop tent tutorial that Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest shared... Read more »

Frost to Impress: Cake Decorating with Simple Scroll Piping

Have a party coming up? Skip the trip to the bakery! Instead, impress your friends and family with your fabulous scroll piping cake decorating skills. It’s a beginner friendly technique that yields gorgeous results! When it comes to decorating fancy-looking cakes in a snap, it’s all about texture! Check out... Read more »

Camp Craft Upgrade: Liberty Braided Friendship Bracelets

Whether you’re a 12-year-old kid or a 50-year-old kid, making and giving hand-woven bracelets never stops being fun. And, if you’re a fan of Liberty fabrics, you’ll definitely want to add these fun Liberty braided friendship bracelets to your crafty repertoire. Combine your love of gorgeous textiles with sweet summer... Read more »


Tracy Widdess of Brutal Knitting turned yarn into an incredibly knitted mask based on a drawing by artist St├ęphane Blanquet Read more »

Stitch It: Turn a Pair of Pants into a Sassy Refashioned Skirt

Are your favorite pants getting worn at the knees? Grab your sewing machine and transform that old pair of trousers into a cute refashioned skirt! Upgrade your summer wardrobe using those torn or sendom-worn pants that are just taking up room in your drawer! As long as they fit through... Read more »

Use the Force to Make Your Own DIY Star Wars-Inspired Death Star Ring

Wear a fearsome galactic superweapon on one little finger with this neat Star Wars-inspired DIY Death Star ring project! Dabble with the dark side—of polymer clay jewelry crafts, that is—with this delightfully geeky Star Wars-inspired Death Star ring tutorial that RaChil from The Cwafty Blog shared on Dream A Little... Read more »

Make Your Home Sparkle with DIY Decorative Golden Geodes

Delight both your scientific mind and your design aesthetic with these DIY decorative golden geodes! Because, who doesn’t need a little extra sparkle and shine in their lives from time to time? I’m super into Borax-based grow-your-own-gems projects right now, and this one is particularly fun! Make your own sparkly... Read more »

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