Turn an empty wall into your home's holiday headquarters with Meg Allan Cole's easy-to-follow video tutorial for creating your own colorful 3D geometric paper Christmas tree! Read more »


Whip up a custom dog bed for you four-legged friend with this handy tutorial from Jessy of Making Jiggy! Read more »


Have old shirts or fabric scraps? Turn that extra yardage into lovely and unique fabric gift wrap for your holiday gifts with this easy-to-follow tutorial! Read more »


Skip the pies and go straight for the fries with this simple baked pear and apple fries recipe from a zesty bite! Read more »


If you'd like to wear a festive little dessert this holiday season, then why not put together one of these felt pudding brooches by Simmone Spring of Your Organ Grinder! Read more »


I have always been a bit stand-offish when it comes to sewing laminated fabric, a.k.a oil cloth, a.k.a coated fabric. But thisĀ blog postĀ from Melissa Mortenson at Polkadot Chair is chock full of great and easy to follow advice. I know I’ll be trying this out very soon! A Teflon foot... Read more »


Why not turn a few samples of your thread stash into a striking piece of jewelry with this ingenious resin thread spool tutorial by our very own Haley Pierson-Cox! Read more »

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