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If you're a space geek and/or your bedroom is in need of a DIY wall art upgrade, you definitely can't go wrong with a soothing moon phase wall mobile! Read more »


If you've got the wintertime blues, this spring-inspired egg carton cherry blossom branch tutorial is sure to make you smile! Read more »


Who could resist taking a moment out a busy day to sit and draw for a while when your sketchbook is jacketed in this lovely DIY quilted sketchbook cover? Read more »


Turn your sketchbook doodling into digital patterns! Read more »


Looking for some hassle-free homemade snacks that won't gum up your busy schedule, then try these no bake pumpkin and coconut granola bars from spoon fork bacon! Read more »


Repurposing old crayons into new shapes is a great family-friendly activity, and a fantastic way to give creative kids a chance to make their own unique color combinations. Give it a try with this St. Patrick's Day-inspired shamrock crayon tutorial! Read more »


Jamie "Mr. X Stitch" Chalmers discovered a new "manbroiderer" named Pierre, who took his first stab at embroidery with this incredible cross stitched portrait of Steven Seagal! Read more »

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