Use the Force to Make Your Own DIY Star Wars-Inspired Death Star Ring

Wear a fearsome galactic superweapon on one little finger with this neat Star Wars-inspired DIY Death Star ring project! Dabble with the dark side—of polymer clay jewelry crafts, that is—with this delightfully geeky Star Wars-inspired Death Star ring tutorial that RaChil from The Cwafty Blog shared on Dream A Little... Read more »

Make Your Home Sparkle with DIY Decorative Golden Geodes

Delight both your scientific mind and your design aesthetic with these DIY decorative golden geodes! Because, who doesn’t need a little extra sparkle and shine in their lives from time to time? I’m super into Borax-based grow-your-own-gems projects right now, and this one is particularly fun! Make your own sparkly... Read more »

Flashback CRAFT Pattern: My Fair Ladybug, by Vickie Howell

By Vickie Howell When I was 3 or 4 years old, my mom knit me a ladybug vest and skirt. Man, I loved that outfit! Unfortunately, the original was lost in the great hand-me-down beyond. Still to this day though, I appreciate the cuddly kitsch of the ensemble; so much... Read more »

Crafty Beauty: DIY Mason Jar Manicure Kit (and Lantern)

Looking for an especially thoughtful handmade gift idea? Give a pretty DIY manicure—plus a lovely glass lantern to help set a relaxing mood—with this DIY mason jar manicure kit! Large canning jars are the perfect size for so many kinds of kits, but I especially love that one is specifically... Read more »

Stylish Stitched Seating: Jelly Roll Floor Pillow

Relax in a state of DIY bliss! Stitch up a fabulous jelly roll floor pillow in custom colors to match your decor. Jelly rolls are handy packages of pre-cut fabric strips that are often used in quilting projects, but, since you can buy them in tons of color and pattern... Read more »

CRAFT Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Here are some cool things we saw in the CRAFT Flickr Pool this week: Scrappy Peanut Bears, by Violetpie Patchwork Grocery Bag, by michellepatterns Couched Filling Stitch – even closer, by Studio Paars DSC_3261, by Zver-Le Purple Striped Coptic Stitch Handmade Book by Ruth Bleakley, by MissRuth Read more »

Cats in Hats: Knit a Dinosaur Hat or Crochet a Fox Hat for Your Kitty

Cats in hats? It’s such a delightful combination of weird and adorable that it’s nearly impossible to resist. Turn your kitty into a ferocious DIY dinosaur or super-cute fiber fox with these knitting and crochet cat hat patterns! Intrigued? Much to the delight of crafty cat ladies and dudes everywhere,... Read more »

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