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If you're a LEGO geek--or if you know and love someone who is--you definitely won't want to miss this fantastic quick and easy LEGO earrings tutorial! Read more »


Icelandic textile artist Ýr Jóhannsdóttir made the perfect garment for the chilly geology enthusiast with The Stone Coat. Read more »


Get your pumpkin coffee fix at home with this tasty tutorial by Instructables member katvanlew. Read more »


Have some craft sticks and kids to entertain? Check out this how-to. Read more »


Take a gander at this great DIY Straw Embroidery tutorial that Eva Monleon of misaki mimoko put together for Handmade Charlotte! Read more »


At just over five feet tall, it's pretty much a given that any pair of pants that I buy off the rack will need to be hemmed. A lot. If you're in the same boat, here are two great methods for adjusting the length of your jeans! Read more »


Scare up some spooky fun with this easy-to-make DIY fringed Halloween Banner! Read more »

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