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Polish artist NeSpoon demonstrates how effectively lacy things can class a place up with the beautifully ornate stencils that she uses to decorate the streets. Read more »


If you've got a little Ewok in need of some appropriate attire, then take a peek at this simple DIY Ewok Hood tutorial Swoodson Says. Read more »


Need some crafty inspiration? Here are some of the cool things we saw in the CRAFT Flickr Pool this week! Read more »


Turn fabric or canvas into colorful custom-painted no-sew fabric rugs that are perfectly sized to fit your space! Read more »


Every now and then a craft project comes along that doesn't require any clever wordplay to describe it because it's already as fascinating as it can possibly be. Read more »


This stuff seriously works! Perfect little gift to make for someone who's always getting their hands dirty. Only 2 ingredients required! Read more »


Dream a Little Bigger describes this feather wand cat toy as a "cat crack stick," and, having seen my own kitties play with similar toys, I'd say that's pretty accurate. Read more »

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