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Bring your creative personality to the dining table with this tutorial for painting your own simple yet incredibly lovely DIY brush stroke napkins! Read more »


This little crocheted caravan by Natasja King of Crochet Time is a keychain that goes where you go! Read more »


Need some crafty inspiration? Here are some of the cool things we saw in the CRAFT Flickr Pool this week! Read more »


Stitch up a cozy new quilt for your own bed or sew a thoughtful handmade gift for a lucky loved one with this pretty four-leaf clover quilt block! Read more »


If you've been feeling left out of all the recent fashion week news, then why not try your hand at some high fashion of your own by making a "crochety collar" designed by John Rocha? Read more »


If your messenger pigeon is on strike because of the cold, you might want to send your party invites via balloon. Some assembly required. Read more »


Creating your own durable custom leather bag might seem like an intimidating idea, but it's actually pretty darn easy. Armed with a leather-specific needle and a sewing machine, even beginners will find it quick and easy to stitch up a simple tote! Read more »


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