Weekend Project: PVC Pipe Toddler Chairs

In need of some weekend project inspiration? If you’ve got little ones in your home, make a set of PVC pipe toddler chairs that are perfect for indoor or outdoor use! Build a set of durable, kid-friendly toddler chairs that are playroom or backyard ready with this easy-to-follow tutorial from... Read more »

Kid Craft: Cardboard Guitar

DIY toy instruments are a great way to introduce creative kids to the joys of making music, and a simple cardboard guitar is a great place to start! Even if you have multiple age ranges in your home, this is definitely a bit of crafty play that will keep both... Read more »


Make this epic balloon ceiling for your next big event! Read more »

Cute Crochet: Pom-Pom Edging for Blankets and Beyond

Bring a touch of stylish fun to your next crochet project with this super-cute pom-pom edging technique! Whether you’re adding it to blankets, cushions, or even a shawl, I think you’ll agree that this crocheted pom-pom edging tutorial from Robin at Once Upon a Pink Moon is pretty darn delightful.... Read more »


Machine knitter Donatella of Inspiration and Realisation put together a helpful tutorial to share the successful process she used to turn text into a knitted sweater! Read more »

Kitchen Inspiration: You Can Totally Wallpaper Your Fridge!

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is all the rage on home decor sites and Pinterest inspiration boards these days, but have you ever thought of using it on your appliances? Turns out, you can totally wallpaper your fridge, and the results are fantastic! Whether you’re looking for a temporary change or a cost-effective... Read more »

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