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Knitted Shreds, 2012 (detail), Xaverine Bates

Artist Xaverine Bates reconstructed her personal history by knitting photographs from her life into a piece of fabric in an introspective work called "Knitting the Shreds." Read more »


Give your next picnic--and that boring plastic cooler--a classy modern makeover with this faux wood cooler tutorial! Read more »


Artist Pau Sampera creates whimsical sculptures that reflect the humorous side of our contemporary world in traditional materials, like this fantastic ceramic laptop. Read more »


Go off the mixology grid by making your own tonic water from natural and potentially better tasting ingredients. Read more »


This adorable kitty cat greeting card from Mayholic in Crafts is my new favorite thing. Read more »


If you'd like to eat a dessert that makes it look like you're actually eating dinner, then this ice cream preparation method from Southern Germany called "spaghettieis" is the dessert for you! Read more »


I've long been a fan of combining the warmth of wood with the cool industrial feel of metal pipes in home decor. You too? Check out these wood an iron bench and table tutorials! Read more »

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