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Quench your desire to wash yourself in soda with Chrystal Doucette of Digital Soaps' wickedly clever handmade shampoo, which is scented with soda fragrance oils and packaged in soda bottles! Read more »


Lovely little containers for your lovely little things. The tutorial includes a free paper template from Zü Read more »


Artist Julie Sarloutte gives her incredible needlework portraiture treatment to the infamous Lara Croft in this intriguing pair of embroidered works. Read more »


Rejoice in the bounty of farmers' market apple season with this recipe for gooey, sweet, and juicy bloomin' baked caramel apples! Read more »


Send out bold and bright holiday greetings to your family and friends with this fun tutorial for creating your own modern holiday pop-up cards! Read more »


If you're somewhere warm this fall, but you still want to partake in seasonal treats, then why not give your cider a frosty twist this apple cider margarita recipe from the Jelly Toast? Read more »


If you're ready to give soap making a try, this lovely homemade herb and spice glycerin soap tutorial is a great beginner-friendly introduction that yields very pretty results! Read more »

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