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peepculiar peeptopiary PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

Peeps are a little quirky under the best of circumstances, but here at Craft we’ve noticed over the years that Peeps have an uncanny knack for getting themselves mixed up in some delightfully disconcerting situations. So here are a few examples of the PEEPculiar treats you can make yourself this Easter.

peepculiar 1 PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

Let’s set the mood for this peepshow with a little peeps-infused vodka drinky poo from Baking Bites.

peepculiar 2 PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

Now, let’s pair that sweet cocktail with a savory dish. How about some handmade, chicken-flavored, marshmallow peeps from Four Pounds Flour?

peepculiar peep sushi PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

Let’s follow up that course with these authentic pieces of peeps sushi.

peepculiar peeptopiary1 PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

Of course ambience is an important part of any culinary experience, so we can’t forget this epic peeps topiary.

peepculiar roastedpeeps PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

Now for dessert, let’s keep it simple with this peeps-mutilating roasted peeps dish.

peepculiar cadbury creme egg salad sandwhich PEEPculiar Easter Sweets

And if you’re not a big peeps fan, then this cabury creme egg salad sandwich is surely your cup of tea.

Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

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