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birdcage final Project: Birdcage Veil
A birdcage veil is classic, flirty, and pretty. It frames your face, without hiding you beneath a formal veil, perfect for a coy bride. Veils tend to be quite expensive, yet this DIY version costs only as much as the lace that you choose. It is easy to make, perfect for a handmade bride, or for any other party where you are looking for that little extra flair.

craftzine birdcage veil 01 Project: Birdcage Veil
Lace, 4″ wide, 16″ long
Needle and thread
Bobby pins
craftzine birdcage veil 02 Project: Birdcage Veil
Step 1: Cut a piece of lace 16″ long.
craftzine birdcage veil 03 Project: Birdcage Veil
Step 2: Thread the needle with a yard of thread. The trick here is to tie a very large knot at the end of the thread. If the knot isn’t bulky enough, it will pass right through the lace while you sew.
craftzine birdcage veil 04 Project: Birdcage Veil
Step 3: Fold 1/4″ of the lace in on the end, and pierce it with the needle.
craftzine birdcage veil 05 Project: Birdcage Veil
craftzine birdcage veil 06 Project: Birdcage Veil
Step 4: Make tiny stitches by gathering the lace along the needle. I pierced the lace every 1/8″. Sew these tiny stitches along the entire length of lace. When you reach the end, fold the edge of the lace as you did when you began.
craftzine birdcage veil 07 Project: Birdcage Veil
Step 6: It is up to you to determine how gathered you want the veil. The gathered edge of my veil is 3 inches long.
craftzine birdcage veil 08 Project: Birdcage Veil
craftzine birdcage veil 09 Project: Birdcage Veil
Step 7: Using the ends of the thread, sew the bobby pins to the veil. The pins will go unnoticed in your hair, and the veil will frame your face perfectly!

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