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The staff here at Craftzine must be hitting the eggnog a little to hard, because with 12 days until Christmas, we decided we would all swap ornaments with each other! That meant quickly creating a handful of stunningly beautiful ornaments, befitting my fellow Craft bloggers. Behold, these vintage thread spool ornaments- they are quick, sparkling, and of course, crafty.



Thread spools
Mismatched earrings
Fabric scraps
Wire cutters
Hot Glue


Step 1: Cut the post off of an old earring.
Step 2: Cut a small fabric scrap that coordinates with the color of the thread spool. Gather the fabric onto the end of the wire. I used a long wire pin for making jewelry, and bunched the material up around the head of the pin.
Step 3: Cut a piece of ribbon about 6″ long, fold it in half, and thread it through the spool. The loop will poke out the top, and the tails will hang from the bottom. Be sure to make the loop big enough to easily fit over the branches of a tree.
Step 4: Turn the ornament upside down and place a small dap of hot glue into spool of thread. While the glue was still hot, I gave the loop a little tug to pull the ribbon up a bit and help conceal the glue inside the spool.
Step 5: Before the hot glue has fully set, insert the wire stem of the fabric ruffle into the top of the spool. Press it down so the wire hits the glue and is secured.
Step 6: Add a tiny drop of hot glue to the front of the wooden spool. Press the earring into the glue to attach it. Sparkle, sparkle!



  1. Maureen Gregson says:

    What a nice project to do with my daughter. Thank You

  2. robin says:

    these are so cute! I need to make some, but will have to wait til next year! :-)

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