Retro Clean is a powder created especially to remove age spots and and enhance the colors in your fragile and faded vintage linens. I can see this product coming in really handy for thrift-happy crafter types! Simply soak your items in Retro Clean for up to two days–it works best when exposed to sunlight, yet won’t bleach the fabric. Check out their website to order Retro Clean by the pound and to check out before and after testimonials. Link.

  • Laura GF

    I use Firefox on a Mac and when I go to this site there are circles that link to this yes2cashadvance site. Does that seem strange to you? This sounds like a great product if the site is legit, though.

  • Jenny

    Hi Laura, it’s definitely a legit business, I was turned onto the stuff by a Flickr friend (see here: ). I’ve just written to the owner to let her know about the link weirdness, I saw it too when I moused-over the statcounter numbers at the bottom of the homepage. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Mindy G

    Hello, Thanks for the good word on Retro Clean and the heads up on the weird linkage. It took me right to my site when I clicked on the link but I’ll check into it further. And yes, Laura, it’s legit! Thanks again, Jenny.

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