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Fashion designer Sandra Backlund creates these astonishing sculptural knits! Leonora Oppenheim on Cool Hunting writes:

While these wool and alpaca garments may not be practical day wear and we might feel the need to channel Bj√∂rk or Roisin Murphy’s sartorial confidence to walk around in them, we love the ambition and scope that Backlund brings to the humble art of knitting. The combination of taking pleasure in the process of craft and the outcome of dramatically contemporary forms is very exciting. Backlund’s work is a great example of how ‘”slow fashion” can can preserve traditional techniques while embracing new aesthetics.

Photos by John Scarisbrick.

Becky Stern

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:

9 Responses to Sculptural Knits by Sandra Backlund

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  1. I’m so surprised that I’m the only person to make note of how disgusting that model is. I’m not usually one to make a fuss about thin models, but regardless of fashion or art, that model should not be equated with beauty or aesthetics…it’s vulgar.

  2. Saying to someone she is disgusting is awful. Who gave you the right to judge others?

  3. the model looks dead

  4. Lucille Morigi on said:

    As I understand these photos – which are extremely well made – are artistics.
    They are not only supposed to show the clothes – which are some kind of art too.
    So, ok I am not happy with anorexia too and I amnot saying that this one model is anorexic – what I am saying is – MAYBE THAT WAS THE PURPOSE OS THE ARTISTS, TO CAUSE SOME STRANGE EFFECT ON PEOPLE – some like it – others don’t – I myself love it! And believe me I am not a completely thin person.
    I simply love to look at art work.
    Model, photographers, designer and all the people who worked for this to be an excellent work of art are congratulated.
    Sorry for my sometimes bad English – I am brazilian.

  5. The model is a skeleton. Yuck.

  6. T Horton on said:

    I’ve never commented here before, but felt that I had to say how disappointed I am that CRAFT are promoting this ‘look’, and I’m talking about the model not the knitwear. Regardless of how interesting the work is I would have thought that a zine of your calibre has a moral duty not to promote anything that could be detrimental to apersons health.

  7. Becky Stern on said:

    I guess she’s so thin I barely even saw her. I really was focusing on the amazing knitwear, which is what the post was about. As for having the moral duties to our readers’ health, plenty of the food recipes we post are potentially detrimental, arguably moreso than a photo of a thin model. As educated and responsible readers, please take all that you read with a grain of salt.

  8. Hear hear!
    when I saw the post, the first thing I noticed was the knitwear – as that was what the post was focusing on :) great pieces, love that lacey one ‘specially

  9. Anonymous on said:

    I think Sandra Backlund is fabulous. I love her work. her textures and flamboyant structural work is inspiring and I believe this is the idea behind this post. Inspiration. Ok the girl is thin and pale but I think its quite obvious that its intentional to accentuate the beautiful design on display here. Her photo shoots are always very stylised and fantastical, much like her pieces.

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