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For Emily Roose’s Masters in Graphic Design thesis project, she created a series of cross-stitch samplers based on big news stories.

I juxtaposed content that is extremely fast and ephemeral (breaking news stories) with a very slow and archival medium (cross stitch). I wanted to see how this transference of medium affects the message of these stories and highlights the absurdity of the way stories are reported in the media and the way we consume them.
I think of the process of cross-stitching news stories as a kind of “test”, as in: does x, y or z news story pass the cross-stitch test? A year or two later, does the story still have enough relevance to not seem absurd archived in this permanent and time-consuming (~25 hrs each) medium?

Fascinating! [via Junkculture]

  • 137paulgore

    so awesome! i love the combination of new and old and fast and slow. emergency vehicles and airport scanners are definitely way cuter in cross-stitch :)

  • Jamie B

    I really love the product, and her “mission” is a very interesting one. :)

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