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I admit I’m late to the geeky game with the television show “The Big Bang Theory.” I just finished Season 1 on DVD and am attempting to rush through Seasons 2 and 3 in time for the new Fall season that’s starting soon. I’ve fallen hard for the science humor, enjoy scanning the set for awesome space props and swoon over Sheldon, who is one of the funniest sitcom characters I’ve ever seen. When Beefranck over at Mr. X Stitch posted about cubosabio’s Star Trek plushies, I clicked over to view cubosabio’s gallery and was thrilled to find the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” in plush as well. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Wolowitz (complete with his rad Nintendo controller belt buckle) and Raj are all beautifully translated to felt. I’m in love!

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