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Cz Upcraft
Happy Earth Day everyone! To celebrate, I’ve rounded up here our favorite UpCraft projects. I love these Hand-Sewn Free-Range Monsters by Moxie that make great gifts and are great projects for kids to learn how to sew.
Here are more UpCraft Projects:

Pillowcase Sundress by Nikol Lohr

Plastic Bag Crochet Video with Cristen Andrews

Recycled Gardening Tricks by Susan Beal

How-To: DIY Book Clutch from DVD Case by Samantha Baldwin

Candy Wrapper Barrettes by Tiffany Threadgould

Homemade Play Kitchen by Erin Woodward

Spring Doily-Sleeved Top by Jessica Wilson

Grocery Bag Placemats by Diane Gilleland

Soda Bottles Desk Organizer by Diane Gilleland

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