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I love this wooden dress Craftster user OBudah created for a wearable art show in Baton Rouge, LA.

The entire corset is made of laminated wood, and the skirt is made of bent wood. It’s held together with bolts, etc. and I made an under dress out of pantyhose.
The entire premise of this dress is that it can curtsy. All you do is pull on the rings on either side of the corset (you can vaguely see them) and the cables make the skirt rise up.

It’s a very clever design–and the judges agreed, because she won!



  1. Lala says:

    This is the second time within less than 2 weeks that you’ve featured OBudah’s dresses. How about giving someone else a chance of free promotion now and then? Sure, she makes cool stuff, but do you need to blog about it every time?

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