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Here’s a beautiful look into the artistic life and creative process of so-called avant cellist, Zoë Keating. This is my favorite interview of Intel’s Visual Life series, a surprisingly wonderful campaign for a corporate entity. I encourage you to check out the other videos.

When people say, “What do you do?” I find it a really difficult question. Because, well yeah I play the cello, and I use technology, but that’s just sort of this thing that happens on the surface. Really I’m creating a world. And it’s really hard to say what it is. But it is a world of feeling, and motion, and color and light. And I think you can’t actually describe it with words. That’s why it’s music.

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  1. Zoe Keating is wonderfully talented. Moving and profoundly beautiful music. Definately worth a second and third look, er um, listen. I first heard her on the Radiolab Podcast. Quantum Cello is the name of the episode, I believe. Thanks for sharing her craft.

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