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License Plate Guitar

license plate guitar

Continuing the tradition of homemade resonator guitars, follow along as we build a License Plate Guitar. A discarded vehicle's license plate will serve as our metal resonator top. This will be mounted atop a soundbox custom-fitted for the license plate, and the build completed with a hand-wound pickup, bridge, nut,... Read more »

Glow Plug 3D Printer Extruder


Want to upgrade or customize your 3D printer? Build this robust extruder using a handful of tools, one online parts order, and a trip to the auto-parts store. For a heater, it uses a $10 glow plug from a diesel engine — and it performs as well as commercially available... Read more »

Beatband Sleeve


Build an Arduino clone using the MintDuino and then program it to visualize your heartbeat in combination with the Pulse Sensor AMPed. The five LEDs mounted to the lid of the tin will flash in sync with your heartbeat's rhythm. Does your heartbeat speed up when you don't tell the... Read more »

Bump Up The Jam with Weekend Projects


Use dual LM386 amplifiers to build this portable two-channel bass bump headphone accessory. The amps will give you an added boost of low-frequency spectrum that will immediately change the way you listen to music. It's battery-powered and rechargeable so you can bump your jams wherever you go. Read more »