The Digital Eye

In 1500, a clock was a machine that filled a room in a tower. Today, clocks are built into almost every machine we make. The same thing is happening to the camera: we’ve come from the camera obscura to the modern smartphone and are fast approaching a world in which everything we build can see. Now is the time to start planning for what we’ll make of it.


Hacking a 35mm SLR Lens to Turbocharge Your Webcam

Hacking a 35mm SLR Lens to Turbocharge Your Webcam

You can buy a fancy webcam microscope, or you can hack an SLR Lens and an average webcam together to get the same results.

The Raspberry-Pi Powered “Wizard Wall” Dissects and Projects Your Face

The Raspberry-Pi Powered “Wizard Wall” Dissects and Projects Your Face

Are you all knowing and all powerful? Then step up to the Wizard Wall and impress upon the rabble your great and ominous visage.

Parrot Unveils 50mph Fixed-Wing Disco Drone

Parrot Unveils 50mph Fixed-Wing Disco Drone

At CES 2016 Parrot releases details about their upcoming fixed-wing flying drone with a built-in camera.

You Can't Touch This! Arduino Yún Alarm System

You Can’t Touch This! Arduino Yún Alarm System

The purpose is clear. You don’t want your kids to steal your food from the cupboard, or from the fridge, or someone to open your locker. Or maybe you want to take pictures of your pet stealing food. Or maybe you are Dwight Schrute and you want to finally unmask […]

Camera Restrica

This “Camera Restricta” Stops You from Taking Lame Photos

A prototype iPhone accessory prevents you from taking predictable, touristy photos by locking down the shutter when it detects that you’re standing in a commonly photographed area.