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From Introducing the Arduino Robot

Page 18

Massimo Banzi speaking at MAKE’s Hardware Innovation Workshop 2013.

From Made On Earth — High Five

Page 24

The Hand of Man in action at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

And from Maker Faire Bay Area 2009

From The Six-Pack Tesla Coil

Page 49

Download files

From The Sublimator Dry-Ice Cannon

Page 76

Download files

Tips for cutting and gluing PVC

From Skill Builder — Advanced Arduino Sound Synthesis

Page 80

Download files

From Raygun Vector Weapon

Page 102

Video of the project in action: coming soon!

Download files

From Lego Phonograph

Page 108

See the full project build here.

From Bookshelf Boombox

Page 110

Download files

From TV-Go-Sleep Universal Timer

Page 116

Download files

  • TV-Go-Sleep code (Universal Sleep Timer Arduino code, and the TV-B-Gone for Arduino library (main.h and WORLDcodes.cpp) included in zip file.)

From My Franken-Keepon

Page 124

Check out the Keepons in action!

And an oldie but goodie:

From My Electro Chemical Kid Sub

Page 137

Full project build online: coming soon!

From Toy Inventor’s Notebook

Page 160

Completed cookie cutters!





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