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From tissue to organs to bones and beaks, the future of medicine is 3D printed.

2013 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing

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Just Released! 2014 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing



  1. wayzata14 says:

    This looks great Goli and Craig! I have joined a 3D printing Meetup group here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and hope to find others interested in medical 3D printing of tissues. I look forward to seeing what ever you post next. Phil in Minneapolis.

    1. Goli Mohammadi says:

      Thanks Phil! There are definitely some amazing innovations in the works. In the sphere of tissue engineering, two organizations we mentioned in this print feature that may be of interest to you are: Wake Forest University ( and Organovo ( Also, the Make: Forum on G+ is a great way to find other people interested in the same thing:


      1. Phil Johnson says:

        Thanks Goli. Those sound like what I am looking for! I’ll read them and let you know what I think. BTW I’d like to survey medical organizations here in Minnesota (such as the Mayo Clinics and Medtronics) to see what they are doing, or planning, in this technology.
        Take Care.

        1. Goli Mohammadi says:

          Awesome, Phil — let us know what you find! Good luck!

          1. wayzata14 says:

            Oops! I can’t find the link to your and Craigs article, just the picture. Can you send a link for the article to me (or let me know where i missed it!).

          2. Goli Mohammadi says:

            Phil, it’s currently only available in the Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing print issue ( not online, and is basically a series of short write-ups about innovative uses. The two that deal with tissue engineering are the ones I posted for you above :)

          3. wayzata14 says:

            Thanks Goli. I’ll go order a copy for myself.

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