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Meet Your Maker Camp Director, Em Mota

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Hi Campers! I’m Em Mota, your Camp Director this year. I’ve been a maker since I was five years old. Nothing makes me happier than building a compressed-air powered cannon, rebuilding an engine, or piecing together a 3D printer. For work and play, I enjoy photography and filmmaking, making music, camping, and soccer. I love learning new things, and I look forward to learning and making with you.

Just follow MAKE on Google+ and join the Maker Camp Community. If you start building one of our weekly projects and get stuck, don’t give up. Just post a question and I’ll help you figure it out! I’m really looking forward to Maker Camp. And remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons!

So what are YOU going to make?!

Countdown to Maker Camp 2013!

Meet Your Jr. Camp Counselors

counselor kelley

Kelley Benck, Engineering Intern

Future career: Bridge designer
Specialties and interests: 3D printing, CAD, structural designing
Epic project: Completing a Tesla coil and seeing it work
Epic disaster: Dropping the Tesla coil (it still worked afterward!)
Current project: Vinyl silk screen printing
Best part of Maker Camp: Sharing and hearing ideas from fellow makers.

counselor Eric

Eric Chu, Engineering Intern

Future career: Industrial designer
Specialties and interests: 3D printing, design, CNC machining, Yo-yos
Epic project: My flash diffuser that was 3D printed. It’s useful and can only be made on a 3D printer.
Epic disaster: A badly failed print on a 3D printer
Current project: 3D printer, gumball machine
Best part of Maker Camp: Meeting cool people

counselor Paloma

Paloma Fautley, Engineering Intern

Future career: SFX artist and robotics engineer
Specialties and interests: Makeup, props, crafts, robots
Epic project: My Make: Believe videos on YouTube. Also, being a part of my robotics team when we won the Regional Engineering Inspiration Awards.
Epic disaster: I was repairing a trophy and I put it back together upside-down.
Current project: 1. A new makeup design for Maker Camp 2. An Arduino powered prosthetic
Best part of Maker Camp: Being a counselor for the first time!

counselor Sam

Sam Freeman, Intern Supervisor

Future career: Global domination
Specialties and interests: Product design, fabrication, hiking, ice-cream testing
Epic project: Finishing first arcade machine
Epic disaster: Crashing our electric Power Wheels car
Current project: Wireless home lighting
Best part of Maker Camp: Raspberry Pi projects, connecting with other makers. And roasting marshmallows, of course.

Maker camp Gunther

Gunther Kirsch, Photography Intern

Future career: Traveling and documenting the world
Specialties and interests: Photography, film, computer tech, rock climbing
Epic project: My editing computer
Epic disaster: Frying my CPU twice while making my computer
Current project: Home server and NAS device
Best part of Maker Camp: All of the awesome field trips

counselor raghid

Raghid Mardini, Engineering Intern

Future career: Robotics engineer / professor
Specialties and interests: Circuits, microcontrollers, math, tutoring
Epic project: A final microcontroller project I completed and presented at Sonoma State University
Epic disaster: When I cut my finger while cutting a piece of plastic (I survived)
Current project: A boat out of a 2-liter soda bottle
Best part of Maker Camp: Making cool projects!

counselor brian

Brian Melani, Engineering Intern

Future career: Developing jet engines
Specialties and interests: Mechanics, circuits, designing, snowboarding
Epic project: Our Power Wheels electric race car
Epic disaster: Mold welding (I still have a scar)
Current project: A 3-speed gearbox for the Power Wheels
Best part of Maker Camp: Celebrity makers

counselor Nick

Nick Parks, Engineering Intern

Future career: Engineer (eventually start my own company)
Specialties and interests: Designing, building, interacting with people
Epic project: Building a hovercraft. That was my first big project.
Epic disaster: My potato cannon was a little more powerful than I predicted …
Current project: Remote controlled airplane from scratch
Best part of Maker Camp: Field trips

Maker camp Eloy

Eloy Salinas, Engineering Intern

Future career: Space rover designer/operator
Specialties and interests: Circuit design, sensors, embedded systems, micro controllers
Epic project: Making a fully functional robot in 5 weeks
Epic disaster: Not calibrating the laser cutter
Current project: Onion Pi
Best part of Maker Camp: Making–and inspiring and helping others create

counselor Dan

Daniel Spangler, Fabricator

Future career: Aerospace engineer and run my own machine shop
Specialties and interests: Fabrication, design, nuclear science robotics
Epic project: Building a fusion reactor
Epic disaster: Attempting to extinguish a fire tornado project and burning my eyebrows off
Current project: Mini fusion reactor, electric race car, homemade turbo jet engine
Best part of Maker Camp: Hearing what campers want to build or make

counselor Eric W

Eric Weinhoffer, Product Development Engineer

Future career: Making things that inspire others
Specialties and interests: Mechanical design, rapid prototyping, CAD, cycling
Epic project: Building and using one of the first Cupcake 3D printers as a MakerBot intern back in 2009
Epic disaster: Horribly crashing my tricopter on one of its first flights
Current project: DIY bike rollers, custom tricopter
Best part of Maker Camp: I’m looking forward to the great field trips and getting to see “behind the scenes.”