How-To: ShapeLock Sanding Blocks

Inspired by the Sandables concept that recently made the rounds, we've been experimenting with adding abrasive grit to polycaprolactone (aka ShapeLock) thermoplastic to make rigid sanding blocks that can be reformed, with mild heating, to fit into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies on your work. Read more »

How-To: Ball-in-Cage Switch

A ball-in-cage switch is a mechanical alarm switch that works on an ingenious principle. It has a single relatively unstable “open” position, in which a metal ball rests in a small divot in an insulating base, inside a cage made from two U-shaped metal staples that overlap one another without... Read more »

Weekend Projects – Mini Rover Redux

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at Learn the basics of modding a remote controlled (RC) vehicle for the purpose of making your own terrestrial rover. Mount one wireless camera onto your vehicle's chassis, and see how far you can drive it and see... Read more »

With this Hack, Take Your Raspberry Pi To Go

Nathan Morgan, the founder and CEO of, created this fantastic portable Raspberry Pi enclosure complete with LCD screen, battery pack, extra storage, keyboard, trackpad, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Not only that, but the case itself is 3D printed. His post about the project details the process of making it, the... Read more »