Stitching a Glovetopus

What can you make with two gloves and some simple stitching? An adorable Glovetopus: part glove, part octopus! Peter Gardner explains the anatomy of a Glovetopus and talks about its origins, in this video from Maker Faire Bay Area 2013. Read more »

An Unassuming Electric Vehicle

Photo by George Schnakenberg

With the goal of illustrating “the simplicity that alternative energy vehicles could embody,” George Schnakenberg curated and built The Sleeper Bike, an electric motor-assisted bicycle that also sports a stylish look. The San Francisco-based design director handmade the leather battery bag and retrofitted the bike frame with a Hill Topper... Read more »

How-To: A Working Paper Wrench


At Maker Faire Bay Area this year, Jay from MakerBlock found himself needing to tighten some wingnuts, but he didn't have a wrench. Rather than asking around, he hacked together a solution on his own. It's super simple: just one piece of paper. Roll it up into a tight tube... Read more »