Stitching a Glovetopus

What can you make with two gloves and some simple stitching? An adorable Glovetopus: part glove, part octopus! Peter Gardner explains the anatomy of a Glovetopus and talks about its origins, in this video from Maker Faire Bay Area 2013. Read more »

An Unassuming Electric Vehicle

[new_gallery ids=”321209,321194,321198,321199,321200,321203,321201,321202,321204,321207,321208,321210,321196″] With the goal of illustrating “the simplicity that alternative energy vehicles could embody,” George Schnakenberg curated and built The Sleeper Bike, an electric motor-assisted bicycle that also sports a stylish look. The San Francisco-based design director handmade the leather battery bag and retrofitted the bike frame with a... Read more »

How-To: A Working Paper Wrench

At Maker Faire Bay Area this year, Jay from MakerBlock found himself needing to tighten some wingnuts, but he didn't have a wrench. Rather than asking around, he hacked together a solution on his own. It's super simple: just one piece of paper. Roll it up into a tight tube... Read more »