Robot Puppet Party at Maker Faire

The Hello World Program would like to invite you to a Robot Puppet Party at the Maker Faire Bay Area next month. Hello World has been running for about a year, building a library of video tutorials on a variety of open source tech topics, narrated by handmade puppets. Guido... Read more »

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Natalie McKean

Northern California artist Natalie McKean creates striking and gorgeous works of art that often focus on the intersection of the natural world and machines/robots. "Man versus technology has always been a favored theme of mine," she says. She'll be exhibiting at Maker Faire Bay Area this year, so stop by... Read more »

Raspberry Pi in an N64 Case

Raspberry Pis are neat because they have so many applications and are open to creative expansion by any user with an idea. And they're only $35! The downside of that low price is that no accessories are included, which means no case. After the Raspberry Pi Meetup here at MAKE,... Read more »

Draft-Dodging Hyena

MAKE's photo editor, Gregory Hayes, made this fantastic draft-dodging hyena out of a pair of his destroyed work jeans, to keep the draft from creeping in under the door of his friend Lex's new house. Read more »

Tri, Quad, Hex, Octo … Bring ’em On!

Competitive flying, glass miniatures, and hovering apparitions were all part of the First Annual Multirotor Challenge held in Fallbrook, Calif., about a hour north of San Diego. For this brainchild of the Palomar Fly Club over 50 pilots registered to compete in a variety of events. This family-friendly competition was... Read more »