Toronto Teens Send Lego Minifig to Space

Lego Minifig in Space

Two young makers from Toronto, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both age 17, successfully sent a Lego minifig and four cameras to roughly 78,000 feet elevation on a homemade weather balloon. After a 97-minute flight, the balloon returned to Earth with great footage of the journey. Inspired by a similar... Read more »

How-To: Fold-Up Fresnel Reflector

Uwe Oehler has written a simple program that prints out fold-up paper templates for the conic sections that make up the reflective surface of a Fresnel mirror. Cut the templates out of cardboard, cover the cardboard with aluminum tape, fold up the sections, and apply them to a flat backing.... Read more »

Using Springs as Heating Elements

Longtime MAKE pal Raphaël Assénat wanted to recycle his stash of anti-static bags for component shipping, and built an improvised heat-sealer to do it. It's just a step-down transformer, some current-limiting resistors, a momentary switch, and a resistance wire made by uncoiling a compression spring. Read more »

Scratchbuilt: The “Swift” from “Space 1999”

Alex Dumas of Sci-High Models took Editor’s Choice in Starship Modeler’s 2010 Just Glue It contest with this 1/87 scale replica of the Swift, a spacecraft from the late-70s British TV series Space: 1999. Do not miss his wonderful work-in-progress shots, one of which I’ve included, below, to show off... Read more »

Water Calligraphy Device

For Beijing Design Week 2011, Canadian artist Nicholas Hanna created this tricycle, equipped with a computer-controlled water graffiti unit on the back (apparently writing poetry and messages on roadways with water is popular in China). Read more »

A RobotGrrl and Her Bots

I was psyched to finally get a chance to meet RobotGrrl at World Maker Faire. In this video from her table, she shows Chris Connor three of the bots she's designed. I especially love that she's already made use of the Redpark Cable for connecting Arduino with iOS via an... Read more »