A Folding Kayak Made of Corrugated Plastic?!

A flotilla of Oru heading out toward San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

New uses for existing materials can fuel hardware innovation. Such was the case for Anton Willis who after moving to a San Francisco apartment had to put his beloved kayak into storage. No room for big toys. By coincidence around that same time he met Robert Lang, a physicist and... Read more »

Oru – The Origami Kayak

120530 - Portable Kayak - David Lang - 05

Last week, I had the pleasure of testing out Oru Kayak, the world’s first origami kayak. It was wonderful! Anton Willis, the designer, and I met at the Berkeley Marina to put his latest iteration to the test. I had been watching Anton construct the kayak for months at TechShop... Read more »

Voronoi Bookshelf Generator

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 12.45.04 PM

Alan Rorie of San Francisco, CA, wrote in to share his Voronoi Bookshelf Generator software that helps you design your Voronoi-pattern bookshelf on-screen, then output files for laser cutting or CNCing. (See more MAKE posts about Alan.) Read more »