A Folding Kayak Made of Corrugated Plastic?!

New uses for existing materials can fuel hardware innovation. Such was the case for Anton Willis who after moving to a San Francisco apartment had to put his beloved kayak into storage. No room for big toys. By coincidence around that same time he met Robert Lang, a physicist and... Read more »

Oru – The Origami Kayak

Last week, I had the pleasure of testing out Oru Kayak, the world’s first origami kayak. It was wonderful! Anton Willis, the designer, and I met at the Berkeley Marina to put his latest iteration to the test. I had been watching Anton construct the kayak for months at TechShop... Read more »

Voronoi Bookshelf Generator

Alan Rorie of San Francisco, CA, wrote in to share his Voronoi Bookshelf Generator software that helps you design your Voronoi-pattern bookshelf on-screen, then output files for laser cutting or CNCing. (See more MAKE posts about Alan.) Read more »