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Quick ‘n Dirty: Countersink


Maker extraordinaire Craig Smith shared another quick work tip with us: Sometimes I grab the cordless drill/driver, some screws, and perhaps a small pilot drill bit on a quick construction/repair project. The screws would be better if they were 100% flush and I didn’t grab a countersink bit, or perhaps... Read more »

Tape Measure Notepad

Image (1) tapeMeasureNote-580x435.jpg for post 170456

If you ever had a project with a lot of measuring in one area, with a lot of cutting in another, you’ll do this to your measuring tape. (Ever put up drywall?) By simply sanding the shine off of the plastic casing on a measuring tape, you have a writeable... Read more »

Creepy Animatronic Yoda

Craig Smith of South Milwaukee, WI, built this Yoda with moving eyes and ears. We all love Yoda. Some have the life size statue in their home. But this thing tops them all. Built from a Halloween mask, the Yoda stands about life size. The eyes were cut out of... Read more »