Etching Metalized Plastic

I have been hacking on some cheap R/C cars, lately, and wanted to etch metal films off of a few of the bits. I knew that the usual strong acid and base suspects would remove it, but many folks don't keep these substances around, for whatever reasons. I got curious... Read more »

Visible Physible Family Trees

Last September, I wrote about the Thingiverse “Cube Gears” phenomenon, briefly tracing the origin of user emmett’s Screwless Cube Gears through its evolution from Haruki Nakamura’s papercraft geared heart sculpture via user GregFrost’s printable Broken Heart thing. At the time, I really wanted to exhaust the graph of the cube... Read more »

The Concrete Lathe Project

The origin of mechanical precision is a classic chicken-and-egg problem: If you need a precision machine tool to make a precision machine tool, where do precision machine tools come from, in the first place? Read more »

Make: Projects – Guitar Strap Gamepad

If you're playing Rocksmith (and I think you should be), and you're playing standing up (ditto), you have probably run into the "where do I put the controller" problem. The gamepad is required to navigate the menu system between songs, and if you play in a standing position you have... Read more »