The Aesthetics of Mechanical Power

Art-machines by James Capper - scroll through the slideshow to see more.

James Capper is a London-based artist and maker who builds powerful hydraulic machines. Inspired by engineering marvels of years past, a survey of his mechanical sculptures are on view at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the next two weeks. Read more »

Gruesome/Awesome Web-Controlled Puppet


Twitr_janus is a live physical avatar — a puppet that can be controlled remotely through Google Drive, Twitter, and Skype. Inside: an Arduino and webcam. Outside: hot glue face (shaped with a silicone latex mold) and paper mache skull (shaped over carved polystyrene). Read more »

How-To: Manual Rotocasting - Manual rotocasting

I was under the impression, before seeing this video from intrepid propcaster James Bruton of, that rotocasting was only practical if you had a machine to automatically spin the mold on multiple axes, simultaneously, for several hours while the casting material sets up. Turns out that's not the case. Read more »