5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Kate from Mini Eco

The crafts that the U.K.'s Kate Petty of Mini Eco create have a distinctly clean, bold, and graphic look: geometric shapes constructed in paper, yarn, ink, and even Lego. I was curious about the crafter behind these creations, so I recently got in touch with Kate and asked her a... Read more »

Antique Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

It seems to be a popular thing to do, turning your Raspberry Pi into a streaming audio player for internet radio stations. However, I’m especially impressed with Florian Amrhein’s Digital Vintage Radio. The Oxford-based maker used the antique dials to control the volume and tune in stations, but the best... Read more »

Chris Thorpe: 3D Printing the Industrial Revolution

The mainstream news media is awash with speculation that 3D printing is bringing about a second industrial revolution. Whether this is true or not, nowhere is the comparison more apt than with The Flexiscale Company, a small UK startup making 3D models of the great steam engines of the first... Read more »

J Cloth Dresses

16-year-old crafter Ellen sewed herself two dresses out of J Cloths (a reusable household cleaning cloth) for her GCSE art & textile project. Fantastic! Read more »

The Aesthetics of Mechanical Power

James Capper is a London-based artist and maker who builds powerful hydraulic machines. Inspired by engineering marvels of years past, a survey of his mechanical sculptures are on view at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the next two weeks. Read more »

Gruesome/Awesome Web-Controlled Puppet

Twitr_janus is a live physical avatar — a puppet that can be controlled remotely through Google Drive, Twitter, and Skype. Inside: an Arduino and webcam. Outside: hot glue face (shaped with a silicone latex mold) and paper mache skull (shaped over carved polystyrene). Read more »